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Thursday’s “Share Your Inspiration” Segment

January 2, 2017

I decided to start doing a little link-loving this week. I want to share with you some of the stuff from the wicked-wonderful-world (that’s what “www” stands for, right?). I am continuously thrown off and delighted when I find out how certain things are made, especially when I spent my whole life thinking that these objects were just born into existence (somehow. it’s possible). I had no idea what went into the perfect ballet shoe.

I’ve never tried ballet. Have you? Have you secretly dreamed of being a lithe, graceful dancer? Jenna’s stories is one of my favorites and I follow her blog religiously¬†(seriously. no joke. I like that we have the same name). The other-Jenna (of Cold Antler Farm) has recently been posting about the lambing that’s going on at her place (she lost a lamb this morning… sad face) and about some the work she’s been doing with Jasper. She’s an incredible writer and posts often enough that you feel as if her life is an open-book documentary that is intriguing, powerful, and (of course) inspiring. (I will own a horse! I will play fiddle! I will pull off a workin’ pair of boots!)

The Insides of Artists: Oh, whatever. Why didn’t I come up with this marvelous idea? Because I didn’t and (yeah!) I’m a little down on myself about it. I suppose another hidden blessing behind the wicked-wonderful-world is that it keeps me humble.

The Eagleman Stag: Don’t ever stop, stop-motion animation. Because I love you so. Also (side note): how can white paper be so vibrant?!

This is what’s inspired me this week. What have I done with that inspiration? Well, I helped Mr. UpCountry finish building the raised beds and I sifted dirt into them. I washed half of my dishes this morning (haven’t learned the lesson yet that I should just wash them all in one fell swoop instead of dragging this misery out FOREVER). I spent the day thriftily shopping for little bits and nibbins to put into my Mother’s Day gift baskets (Mr. UpCountry has a mother, too).¬†So what if none of my actions created something unnerving, breath-taking, or inspiring. There’s enough beauty in the world that I can do my part simply by enjoying it and giving it proper credit.

You’re beautiful, www. I’m a part of you, and with sweat and dirt-crusted hands, feverish notes and sighing with equal parts curiosity and fear, I enjoy you. Quite a bit.

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