Shopping the Lululemon Outlet

November 25, 2016

This past weekend was tax-free shopping in Florida, and I decided to take advantage of the back-to-school perk by heading straight to the Lululemon outlet store for new workout clothes! Since I’m no longer in school, I’ve decided to deem this time my back-to-half-marathon training shopping.

Nothing, unfortunately, motivates me more to workout than cute clothes. I know that the health benefits and sense of accomplishment should do something for me, but unfortunately I’m not there yet psychologically. Fortunately (or unfortunately for my wallet), an old coworker who was a Lululemon brand ambassador got me hooked on their gorgeous workout clothes.

She was actually paid to wear Lululemon clothes and look cute in workout classes! Alas, I am not a fit model, so I like to shop the Lululemon outlet here in Orlando, FL. Since there are only 3 Lululemon outlets in the world, and their clothes are ridiculously expensive, I feel somewhat honored to live nearby one of these rare and mysterious places. For someone not near an outlet, you can buy final sale outlet items online at:

The outlet, unfortunately, is hit and miss. On my last trip, there was a ton of selection. Most of the clothes were pastels being offloaded as we head into fall, but in Florida pastels are appropriate pretty much year round, so color selection was not much of an issue. I was able to find most of what I wanted in my size. However, I haven’t been as lucky on past trips. Either selection is poor, or sizes are limited to the very smallest (0-2 seems to abound at the outlet). If you are very tiny and don’ mind bright colors, than I highly recommend the outlet. If you fit into every other category and happen to be nearby, than it is worthwhile to take a look. Lululemon discounts aren’t exactly easy to come by.

If you want to go to the Lululemon outlet, here is a word of advice – go early in the day! The outlets are packed most days, and parking is a huge issue midday. The outlet only has a couple of changing rooms and sales are final – so if you don’t want to wait a long time in line to try items on, the earlier the better. Most people seem to go one size up in Lululemon.

Sometimes I think I am crazy to fight the outlet crowds just to spend an irrational amount on a running skirt – but the way Lululemon’s clothes fit give me much more confidence working out. Plus, the clothes do double duty because they’re cute enough to be work running errands or to the dog park.

The only thing I don’t like about Lululemon is the strange feeling that I’m being sized up when I enter the store. Inevitably, some super-hot, super-fit sales girl always asks what I’m running or what type of yoga I like, and although it is always friendly, I feel the need to have some kind of fitness speech prepared when I enter. Plus, I’ve read articles like these about Lululemon being some kind of cult, and other articles about the brand discriminating against larger sizes. So be warned – for now, I think the flattering look is worth the outlet prices!

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