Healthy Food Grocery Haul!

November 25, 2016

I made the mistake today of going to the grocery store after my 8 mile long run, and came out with a lot of healthy food and some not-so-healthy food. Since I personally enjoy watching people’s grocery hauls on YouTube, (which is weird, I know) I thought I would post a mini Sunday healthy food grocery haul!

I went to Whole Foods, and while I’d prefer to shop at a non-chain health food store, Whole Foods is my best and closest option here in the Orlando theme park corridor for organic produce.

Of course, I used Publix bags. I have a strange guilt complex surrounding Whole Foods shopping.


Here are my groceries, laid out in all of their delicious glory:


My produce included a mixture of organic and locally grown green peppers, organic grapes, mushrooms, and an organic onion, lemon, and avocado. I have a recipe planned for tonight that I’ll post soon! I also bought a couple of bags of frozen organic strawberries for my breakfast smoothies, and some local orange juice.


The main reason I shop at Whole Foods is for organic dairy (I know there are lots of issues about even organic dairy, which I won’t go into here). I don’t always eat dairy, but lately I’ve been on a dairy kick. However, I prefer milk from grass fed cows, and my favorite yogurt brand of the moment, Dreaming Cow, also produces dairy from grass fed cows. It tastes so much better! Plus I feel less guilty about consuming something meant for baby cows when I know it is from a smaller dairy, where the cows can eat some yummy grass.

I also bought a couple of grain items, including tri-colored quinoa and Israeli couscous.

Of course, I needed random lunch items. Tuna salad and corn bread for tomorrow, and frozen organic burritos for when I have no more fresh food left.

No grocery haul could be complete without strange random foods, like herbs and dog treats.

The best part of the haul – healthy junk food! Okay, most of this is not healthy. Yogurt covered cherries and coconut milk ice cream really have few redeeming values. But they are delicious! Some of my favorite snacks from when I have the munchies are included here, including frosted shredded wheat, snap pea crisps, and pumpkin seeds. Yum! This is where the whole “I just ran 8 miles and want to eat everything” will power problem I was talking about occurred. I can pinpoint my weight loss problems to this one category of foods. I’m going to do my best to eat these in moderation!


I also bought lunch. My favorite kale, apple, lemon, and ginger juice, and sushi were an excellent post run meal!


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