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About the Blog

I started this blog few months ago as a way to share tips and ideas with others about losing weight and living a healthier, more active, and greener lifestyle. A vegetarian and then pescatarian for nearly 20 years, I suddenly found myself feeling less than happy with my lifestyle. I didn’t feel as lean and fit as I used to, and wanted to start making changes for the positive!

I decided to start shaping up, eating a better whole-food based diet, and learning how to live more environmentally mindful. I also finally made a weight loss goal for myself to lose those pesky 15 pounds for good! Follow my workout, recipe, and DIY hits and misses as I attempt this and more, and have some fun along the way!


About Me

I’ve always loved adventure – whether through travel or everyday outdoor activities like kayaking, biking, and running. This has naturally made me interested in living a healthy lifestyle! Unfortunately, sometimes a lot of adventure can derail a fitness plan! In 2010 I fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams and moved to Florence, Italy for a year for work.

I loved Italy, and got to travel a lot! In all, I’ve visited over 20 countries. I made sure to eat, drink, and be merry the whole time I was in Italy…and gained 15 pounds. It was worth every bite of gelato!

Even though I walked everywhere in Europe, and ran several times a week, all of the past and gelato caught up with me. Plus, my normal strength-training routine was completely derailed.

Since Italy I’ve been losing and regaining that 15 pounds over and over. Kind of like the weight loss version of groundhog day. I’ve decided to recommit to health this year, and hope that weight loss follows!

Aside from being an adventure loving yo-yo dieter, I have a B.A. in Political Science, an M.A. in Education, and an M.S. in Library and Information Science. I currently work as an academic librarian and love to write in my spare time. I like to keep busy!


About my Partner in Blogging Crime, Coco Chanel

Coco is my cute little Westie featured on the pages of Live Green Chic. In 2010 the Humane Society rescued her and many other dogs from a puppy mill, where she was used as a breeder. I adopted her and nursed her back to health, and now she’s a spunky, happy dog who loves to travel, swim in kiddie pools, and play with her friends at the dog park!


I am a librarian & writer, not a personal trainer, doctor, dietician, or any sort of medical professional. I love studying food and nutrition, and passing along all of the tips and information I find. However, this is all my personal opinion. Please consult a doctor before starting on any exercise or nutrition plan!