30 Days of Ab Workouts

November 25, 2016
30 Days of Ab Workouts

A friend inspired me to complete a 30 day ab challenge, so tonight I made myself a chart of 30 days of ab workouts! This is perfect timing – for one, I need to lose about 15 pounds, and most importantly, I would love to have flatter abs for my vacation coming up in December. We were out paddleboarding today, and when I saw how flat my friend’s abs were (she just finished her 30th day of ab workouts) I knew that this would be a fun and hopefully worthwhile plan. I searched all over the internet for ab workouts and 30 day ab challenges, but was really unimpressed by what I found. Some were way too easy to be a challenge, and many just included the same exercises, with added reps each day. How boring is that!

I remember from the good old days when I used to be fit that the abdominal muscle becomes used to whatever workout you are doing really quickly, so variety is key. I created a series of ab workouts that work different parts of the core, adds reps, and includes some variety, so I’m hoping to see great results at the end of the workout.

30 Days of Ab Workouts

I’m unfortunately starting on day 5, so I’m already behind! While I attempt to catch up, here are the ab workouts I’m going to follow this month. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m excited to try this challenge – its been a really long time since I’ve paid much attention to my abs, and it shows! I’m hoping that this not only helps whip them into shape, but gets me back into the habit of incorporating ab workouts into my daily routine.

Questions of the day: Have you ever completed an ab workout challenge? What are your favorite ab exercises?

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